Internal Water Filtration System
The 'Jardins Grill' cares about the material used in food handling. The process of filtration of water begins with the dosage of chlorine for the oxidation of iron manganese and organic matter. After this step the water passes to the homogenization system and goes to the filtration (filters made of carbon steel).
Filter 01: Microfiltration system.
Filters 02 and 03: Reduction of water hardness "magnesium calcium"/purification.

After the process, the water is distributed to the water tanks, resulting in purer water for the preparation of food, according to 'ANVISA rules under ordinance no. 518, of March 25, 2004', which establishes the procedures And responsibilities related to the control and monitoring of water quality and its drinking water standard. The filters used in 'Jardins Grill' are made of carbon steel coated in epoxy.