'Rodízio Style' History
The history of the restaurant on a rotating basis merges with the history of the Ongaratto family.
According to the Churrascarias Association of São Paulo, the most accepted version of the birth of 'Rodízio Style' happened in the mid 60's at 'Churrascaria Jacupiranga', managed by Albino Ongaratto in the Registro city (São Paulo - Brazil).
The legend says that one day, a clumsy waiter started serving meals in a wrong way to many tables.
Who had asked for chicken received ribs and a filet has come in place of sausage.
The confusion was already widespread with all clients wanting to take the waiter by the collar, when Albino Ongaratto to solve the situation, began to serve all meals for all tables.
What once was anger has become joy and Brazil won its own system of service that took over the country and today is known and appreciated internationally.
The tradition of good service comes from the family!

Link: http://pt.wikipedia.org/wiki/Churrascaria
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